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Challenging our aging world

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As our loved ones are aging new problems emerge, their wellbeing, mental health and safety amongst others. Reducing isolation, management of cognitive illness, and deterrence against doorstep crime are the goals of Glofend Technologies.
We are working to develop an out of the box solution providing:
1. Our aging elders a non-intrusive product offering an improved quality of life,
2. Family members, carers, with peace-of-mind, connection, with their loved ones whether they are near or far away.

Doorstep crime is reported to be claiming over 400 vulnerable people daily in the UK. Home intrusion via distraction burglary, Bogus callers, Fraudulent tradesmen, Aggressive sellers. From impersonating water works officials, council authorities, even the police. Their tactics continue to work causing stress, anxiety, independence and health issues for the occupant.

Carer fatigue or caregiver stress is a condition of guilt, exhaustion, insomnia, personal health, depression ans so on. For some it’s short-term, others a life long vocation. We are building a user interface that can be used to aid relief for these people giving choice in how they use their precisious time.

Some startling facts from the world health organisation www.who.int/ageing/about/facts/en/

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Hardware development

Glofend Technologies are in the early stages of developing a cloud connected device designed to ‘deter in the first instance’. Home alarm systems do not adequately defend against this type of criminal.


Career opportunities

Contact us if you share interest and or have skillsets complementary to a tech start-up in hardware development, cloud services, backend development, NodeJs Java Html CSS, Javascript or international Sales media and Marketing info@glofend.com

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